Winged Woman

imageWaxing, waning moonlight of a life as it goes by
Wasted, weeping wishes to the stars among the sky

Wicked winter winds with their wanting secret lies
Whisper welcome warnings among the silent cries

Water washes wastefully as a woeful spirit dies
Wading weak and weary but no one else replies

Wailing, wet and worthless, feeling warped with life awry
Wandering worn through weighted webs, beginning now to try

Waking wide and wild, wavering bonds become untied
Wonder wakens, wiping wounds, now cleaned and dressed with pride

Waging war on wincing weaklings that whimper deep inside
Winning whittled battles, a welded warrior watches and resides

Wielding willing winks and whistles, with weeds of worry set aside
Weaving waves of warmth and whimsy, with the willows as her guide

Worthy, witty, wonderful in the weightless springtime sighs
Wondrous, wise and worldly, a winged woman flies


Lisa Moser Valle