I recently came across this little piece I wrote a couple of years ago:

“In order to receive, we first need to empty ourselves.” Well, it was a good thing I was lying down when my yoga instructor said this today, because I would have fallen over from the force in which these words hit me. Yeah sure, she was just talking about lengthening our exhales in order to deepen our inhales. You know, the typical out with bad, in with good kind of stuff. It isn’t a new or mind-boggling concept or anything, but today it dawned on me in a smack-you-in-the-face kind of way how those simple, unassuming words transfer over to all aspects of life. If I want good relationships, I have to eliminate the bad ones. If I want to be happy, I need to let go of the sadness. If I want to experience more positive emotions, I need to dump the negative ones. I can’t go through life holding my breath. Maybe all my deepest desires are just standing around, lurking in the shadows impatiently tapping their feet and looking at their watches waiting for me to make room for them and welcome them in. I can imagine them letting out sighs of frustration and rolling their eyes every time I choose to hold onto something that doesn’t serve a positive purpose in my life instead of enthusiastically receiving something better. “In order to receive, we first need to empty ourselves.” Something tells me that all of life’s little secrets are just this simple, logical and painfully obvious. Now, sigh it out, take a deep breath…and receive.

I am amazed at the positive changes that have occurred in my life since making an effort to live true to this. As I released the negative relationships in my life, fresh, nourishing people eagerly and happily replaced them bringing depth and authenticity to my life that I had rarely experienced previously.

I am no longer content with shallow breathing. I love the purge of a long, deep exhale and receiving the fulfilling exuberance of the deep inhale that effortlessly ensues.


Lisa Moser Valle


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