About Me

Who am I?  That’s a complicated question.  I am many things and have many interests. So, I guess I’ll just start with the boring basics.  I am the mother of six.  My oldest 4 went to public school but I am homeschooling my youngest 2.  I enjoy quilting, movies, yoga, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, traveling and writing. Blah, blah blah.

Here are some  random facts about me that are a bit more fun and hopefully, slightly more interesting.

So I decided to crash the Random Things About Me party on Facebook. I haven’t been given a specific number or anything, so we’ll just see where this goes. Cuz, you know, I’m a rebel like that.

1. I’m a rebel like that.

2. I tend to repeat myself.

3. I’m a terrible procrastinator. But I’ll tell you more about that later.

4. When I was 4, I pulled out the bottom drawer of my bedroom dresser to climb up and reach something on the top of it. So, as I was lying on the floor, looking at the ceiling with a dresser on top of me, I said, “What the hell just happened?” Being the good, god fearing catholic child that I was, I went to my father (my actual Dad, not a priest or anything) because my Mom wasn’t home, and confessed my terrible sin. I learned 3 very important things that day: A) don’t climb on cheap ass furniture. B)  If you need to confess something, do it when the person is really busy and completely distracted because chances are they won’t hear a word you say and just respond, “OK.” And C) cursing came really naturally to me.

5. My brother and sister found great pleasure in emotionally tormenting me.

6. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up.

7. When I was little, I only wore dresses and would cry if my Mom made me wear pants.

8. My all time favorite toy was a doll named Bitty Beans that my Aunt Audrey and Uncle Ralph gave to me when we were visiting Minnesota for Christmas one year. I loved her immensely. Years later I found her with a rope around her neck, hanging from my bedroom ceiling with a suicide note pinned to her chest and a chair tipped over on the floor below her. Refer to #5. It was their best work.

9. My kids have taught me more than I could ever possibly teach them. But shhhh…don’t tell them.

10. In the 6th grade I had my first innocent peck on the lips kiss walking back to class after recess. I also had my first official boyfriend (different guy), but due to the complex and complicated lives of 12 year olds, it only lasted 2 weeks. And I while on a church teen camping weekend that my mom was chaperoning I unknowingly, inadvertently, mistakenly and innocently repeatedly poked my sister’s friend in the groin area while playing in a ball pit (no pun intended). I think he fell in love with me that day.

11. 6th grade was a good year.

12. In the 5th grade I joined the Paul Michael Glassier fan club and I received an autographed black and white photo of him which I still have. And I still contend that Starsky was way cuter than Hutch.

13. My Dad once legitimately bet me that I would like mushrooms when I was older. Pay up, Dad.

14. I’ve watched every season of Survivor.

15. The 1st (and only) time my Mom caught me ditching school, she took me to school the next day and turned me in. While I had lost my need to confess my wrong doings (refer to #4), my mother had not. That was the only time I was ever in the principal’s office. However, being the rebel that I am (refer to #1), this did not deter me. I promptly taught myself to forge my mother’s signature. My absences were never questioned again.

16. I am no longer embarrassed to admit that I suck at math. Clearly, it has nothing to do with my intelligence level and everything to do with the amount of school I skipped.

17. I am having way too much fun doing this.


So, there’s a small peek into who I am 🙂

Tell me what you think.